Shire Officers


The Honorable Lord Angus Duncan Cameron is our Seneschal, the administrative head of our Shire. A transplant from the Kingdom of Ansteorra (Texas), Lord Angus can usually be found wherever there is work to be done. He is a retired heavy fighter and is skilled at needlepoint.


Don Rodrigo Bernardez, Baron Rathand, is the Shire Chatelaine, charged with assisting newcomers, recruiting, and public relations.  He is known for his bardic talents and can often be found at events entertaining friends with songs and stories. He is also a heavy fighter and dabbles in leather working.

Chancellor of the Exchequer

As Chancellor of the Exchequer, Lady Susan Wilkes handles financial matters for the Shire.


Lady Omaddan serves as our Herald. She is responsible for helping members create and register names and arms and serves as the “voice of the King” at events. Having just returned to the Shire from adventuring in the Eastern kingdoms, she brings many new ideas and a willingness to help.

Minister of Arts and Sciences

Lady Baro Magda coordinates arts and sciences activities for the Shire, arranging classes and demonstrations, and putting Shire members in touch with other Society members who share their interests in a particular topic. She is a lady of many talents, gifted with an amazing singing voice, and her warm smile is always there to greet everyone she meets.

Branch Marshal

In addition to his duties as Chatelaine, Don Rodrigo Bernardez also serves as Branch Marshal for the Shire, overseeing all combat activities. He is the principal instructor for heavy fighters and is responsible for ensuring the safety of all martial arts participants.

Rapier Marshal 

Lord Virgile de la Fuente serves as Rapier Marshal for the Shire, overseeing all rapier combat activity. He is the principal instructor for our rapier practice.

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